LSU Libraries Reciprocal Borrowing Cardholder Agreement

The LSU Libraries have reciprocal borrowing agreements with most of the academic libraries in Louisiana and many major research libraries throughout the United States. The LOUIS Reciprocal Borrowing card allows LSU graduate students and faculty to borrow items from participating libraries in Louisiana. The card is valid for one semester for graduate students and a year for faculty.  The OCLC Reciprocal Borrowing card allows LSU faculty who are visiting participating academic libraries throughout the United States to obtain borrowing privileges.

Upon receipt of this card the cardholder agrees to:

  1. Follow the borrowing policies and procedures of the lending library;
  2. Meet due dates (including Recalls) as set by the lending library;
  3. Be responsible for any fines and fees incurred to the lending library through failure to meet due dates and/or to return any borrowed materials
Level 3 Category

Distance Education: I am enrolled in:

As a/an

*Explanation of Reciprocity

The LOUIS Reciprocal Borrowing Card is based on the level the home library is willing to reciprocate with any other participating LOUIS library. Levels range from 1-4 with 1 (one) as the most restricted reciprocity. Each library selects a level at which they will reciprocate. The lowest common level of reciprocity between any two libraries is the level at which the libraries will reciprocate (Example: Library A is Level 2 and Library B is Level 3; these libraries would reciprocate at Level 2.) Check with the home library for the reciprocity level of other libraries.

Distance Education Exception

Any student, regardless of classification, enrolled in a Distance Education class taught at another location/institution may be extended reciprocal privileges.

As a patron with an "acceptable circulation status," I am applying for direct borrowing privileges at universities in the LOUIS program. I will abide by the lending policies of those universities and will be responsible for materials I borrow.

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