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Finding aids are descriptions of archival collections.  Among other elements, they typically provide biographical or historical information about the creator(s), details about what types of materials are found in a collection and what topics they are “about,” and a list of boxes and folders to help you identify what you want to request.   The list of collections below includes links to our finding aids that are available in electronic form.

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A. C. Skiles Lumber Company Records Mss. 3143
Acadia Plantation Records Mss. 4906
Acadian Handicraft Project Records Mss. 1880
Actors and Musicians Photographs Mss. 2116
Acy (William) Papers Mss. 717, 722
Adams (Israel L. and Family) Papers Mss. 3637
Affleck (Thomas) Papers Mss. 3, 4, 1110, 1263, 1264
Alexander (William H.) Papers Mss. 4456
Allen (William M.) Correspondence Mss. 701, 2287
Allendale Plantation Records Mss. 3824
Amacker (Obadiah Pearson and Family) Papers Mss. 1604
American Psychological Association Division 40 (Clinical Neuropsychology) Records Mss. 4745
Anderson (Dupuy H.) Papers Mss. 5114
Anderson (John Q.) Papers Mss. 2156, 2162
Andrews (James M.) Papers Mss. 861
Andry (Michel T. and Family) Papers Mss. 1318
Arbour (Sidney V., Jr.) Family Papers Mss. 5075
Arceneaux (William) Papers Mss. 4107
Army Corp of Engineers river snagboat C. R. Suter photographs, ca. 1885 Mss. 4966
Aswell (James B.) Papers Mss. 1408
Aswell (James B., Jr.) Family Papers Mss. 2453
Audubon (John James) Drawings and Proofs Mss. 5160
Avault (James W., Jr.) Papers Mss. 2271, 2334, 2434
Bacon (Edmund) Letters Mss. 2178
Badin (Norbert) Papers Mss. 825
Badley Family Papers Mss. 3062
Bagwell (Gary) Letters Mss. 3279
Bagwell (Harrison G.) Collection Mss. 2840
Baines (Henry) Papers Mss. 1209
Baldwin and Co. Records Mss. 4597
Banes (Alexander and Nannie I.) Family Papers Mss. 4392
Banks (Nathaniel P.) Letterpress Copybook Mss. 2326
Bankston (Jesse) Papers Mss. 5078
Barbari (Marjorie Washburn) Papers Mss. 3386
Barel (Leona Queyrouze) Papers Mss. 1204, 1222, 1278, 1314, 1323, 1335
Barksdale (Eugene) LSU Photograph Collection Mss. 4990
Barron (Charles) Letters Mss. 1221, 1248, 1272, 1334
Barrow (Abram F. and Family) Papers Mss. 3696, 3745
Barth (William) Papers Mss. 4421
Bass-Farrar Family Papers Mss. 4907
Batchelor (Albert A.) Papers Mss. 919
Batchelor Family Papers Mss. 1293
Baton Rouge Audubon Society Records Mss. 4133
Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations Records Mss. 4813
Baton Rouge Funeral Notices Mss. 643
Baughman Family Collection Mss. 1852, 1981
Baxter (Robert G.) Papers Mss. 1819
Beauford (Gertrude M.) Papers Mss. 4380
Bechtold (John Adam) Photographs Mss. 5175
Bell (James T.) Letter Mss. 3453
Bell (William R.) Papers Mss. 2117, 2118
Bennett (George) Account Books and Papers Mss. 1010
Bernard (A. M.) Family Papers Mss. 2830
Bertrand (Alvin Lee) Papers Mss. 4787
Betts (Ephraim) Diaries Mss. 3433
Bills (John H.) Family Papers Mss. 2075
Binning (Wayne) Collection Mss. 2043
Birge (N.A.) Papers Mss. 918, 1036
Bisland (John and Family) Papers Mss. 29
Blanche (Alexander) Papers Mss. 3342