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Peter A. Meyer
Peter A. Meyer: Regional managers says, “Why are we wasting all this time on television? What are we wasting all these dollars for?” And I said to him, “Can we prove it to him?” So we had here’s Nancy nation for national food. Betty Gaillard, I don’t know if you knew Betty. She used to be society editor of [Times] Picayune. At any rate, we decided that… when she did the commercial, she held up a Domino Sugar five-pound bag.

Interviewer: Okay.

Meyer: She said, “This will not be advertised on television or in the newspaper, but you must ask the cashier for this at twenty-nine cents.” Which was a bargain. You know, it was selling for sixty nine or something like that. So, she did it. They ran out of, oh God, ran out of sugar. And the guy said, “Stop it, I’m convinced.” And that convinced him that television was a viable tool. Link to Biography
Peter A. Meyer: ...believe, part of the destruction of Fitzgerald I’m sorry to say, but Fitzgerald had… um… Popeye’s.

Interviewer: Okay, that a big one.

Peter A. Mayer: And they were very unhappy with him, and Popeye’s was very unhappy with that. So, they fired him, and there was a period where they had no agents. So I wrote a letter to the advertising director who I didn’t know.

Meyer: I said can we talk that was the only-

Interviewer: Can we talk.

Meyer: -thing in my letter, can we talk…and he had an underling call and come visit us…and we pitched the account. How we did it was I had a young lady who was…very ambitious, very sharp, who was going to be the account exec on this. I said, got to visit every Popeye’s location in the area. So she went out and I went out and talked to each manager of Popeye’s, and played back their input at the presentation. We’re not getting enough radio, we want more local newspaper. All the things that they bitched about, or complimented, and we got the account.
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