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Tom Varisco
Someone from I think the Institution of Politics at Loyola [University] called me originally. It might have been [Ed Redwink?] when I moved here. When I was in Houston the guy I worked for . . . actually did political campaigns and he liked them. And I honestly at that time, I didn't care if someone was a republican or a democrat, you know. I just thought the idea of actually designing something and having it up was a pretty fun thing to do. You design a billboard, it’s up immediately. You take part in a TV spot and people respond to it immediately. And there's polling done and so they say, “Okay, we love the candidate.” Immediately he gets better polling numbers and you think we had something to do with that. And so the idea of actually having that sort of power as the designer when most people thought designers, and still do a lot of times think people who are designers are the ones who do sketches on the corner. You know they are not. In fact, I had one candidate, Sidney Barthelemy, who was the mayor of New Orleans, didn’t know how to refer to me and we were being paid pretty well. There was a team of three or four of us who were doing all of his work and he introduced me at this huge gathering of fundraising. People that were going to take part in the campaign and he got to me, and he said, “This is Tom Varisco, my art guy.” Link to Biography
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