T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History
Mossville’s post office.
Huber “Mickey” Smith, Sr. by Chelsea Arseneault, 2015.
CHELSEA ARSENEAULT: Was there ever a post office in Mossville?

HUBER “MICKEY” SMITH SR: Yeah. Not in my time, but there was a post office there.

ARSENEAULT: Do you know where it was?

SMITH: It was over here by this railroad track. On the west side of the railroad tracks, so I'm told. James Moss was the postmaster. We called him Jim, Jim Moss.

ARSENEAULT: You knew him?

SMITH: Oh yeah, I knew him. I don't know if he knows me, was an old man then. But yes, I knew him. James Moss.

ARSENEAULT: Where did he live?

SMITH: He lived back up here on the other side of Prater Road. There's a Baptist church up there on the right side of the road. He lived on the south side of the road there. All that property around here now as you go from the gully near the south side of the road, that was his. Jim Moss.

ARSENEAULT: What did your mom tell you about the post office?

SMITH: Oh, she said it just went down. Just did nothing about it after James Moss died. They didn't have another postmaster general. And my conclusion is what she was saying is that they didn’t have nobody have sense enough to come down here and run the post office and distribute the mail and pick it up. I don't believe you need to be educated to do that. That's rules and things you need to know according to the postal rules, but I believe anybody can dispatch a mail truck. It's so easy because it's Mossville. Because we know everybody in Mossville. You ain't even got to study who lives where. "Who this here? What's his address?" You know everybody in Mossville. Should be just that easy, but that's not what it is.
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