T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History
Parents established the Sanctified Church in Mossville
Della Dotson by Rebecca Cooper, 2015.
DELLA DOTSON: Well to back up a little bit, Mother L and my father . . . Mother L was . . . The Christ Sanctified Holy Religion was founded by them, and my dad was the president of the district and he was considered as a building minister. And they would send him to different areas that needed a church built and he would stay there long enough to establish the churches and that's how he met my mom in Texas, because where they were from, it was so rural . . . oh it was . . . Nothing but red clay and sand.

The house that my daddy built for us was a two story apartment, that's where I was born. It was an apartment. Well, it was our house that used to be on the top, and then my mom added three more apartments onto that. And I think, I'm not positive but I think we might have had the first rent houses in Mossville because everybody you really talked to stayed in those apartments. They moved in, moved out till they got something built, and it was right at the end of Prater Road and Old Spanish Trail. Right . . . You come across Prater and that's where it was. And now there was a pond that was dug in the back off the apartments, where my daddy gave dirt to build Prater Road. A lot of more families had moved in by then. Well we were in the original five families. The Rigmaidens were in the first original families, the first five, and after that I think it went to fifteen, and all . . . Like, I don't know what else after that point.
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