T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History
Kinship and community
George Braxton by Stephanie Dragoon, 2015.
STEPHANIE DRAGOON: In your first interview, you talked about having a lot of family living by . . . living around you. What was it like to have . . . growing up with so many relatives nearby?

GEORGE BRAXTON: It was amazing. I just . . . It’s hard to identify, I mean, now with families having kids and stuff that stay all over the country . . . aunts and uncles . . . because most of mine, particularly on my mother’s side of the family, they basically all lived in a circle around our house and not more than . . . None of them lived more than 300 yards away. It was a large family, her sisters and brothers. And on my father’s side of the family, the Braxton side of the family, there were . . . Well, a whole subdivision was named after the Braxtons. [Laughs] It was Braxtons all over the place that were relatives. All but about two of my uncles that were living during the time I was coming up, all but two lived in the area of Mossville . . . lived in Mossville. So it was very close family situation. Everybody was around. Practically, at one time I think the population of Mossville exceeded two thousand people, and the greater majority of those was related to me some way, somehow.

. . .

One thing about it as it connects to Mossville was that practically everybody was kin. I mean, they carried the last name. Moss, Mossville was named after some Mosses . . . Mossville. I’m not so sure that it picks up the name because the Mosses was the first . . . most prominent settlers here, or if it was just that Moss had the first post office here. And when you get a post office, you have to have a town designation to go with it.
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