T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History
Sketchy Politicking
Huber “Mickey” Smith, Sr. by Chelsea Arseneault, 2015.
CHELSEA ARSENEAULT: So the politicians were using the local leaders to get the votes?

HUBER “MICKEY” SMITH Sr.: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Politicians . . .Politicians used that. They used to come out there and their cars and pick you up and take you to the polls.


SMITH: Politicians before they start the . . .

ARSENEAULT: Remember anybody in particular?

SMITH: No. I know some elections like these that I'm telling you about. Sheriff . . . just whoever . . . It was the thing. They'd come out here in the community and they'd give these black guys money and fill their car up with gas, and all you had to do was ride around and see who wanted to go to the polls. Take them to the polls, man. [laughs] I don't know if there's a law against that or not but that's really what . . .that’s really what happened. They were just using people, using them for that. I can see a politician now wanting to get elected as far as doing some things like that. If a person calls you up and asks you and you're able to furnish transportation for them. But just to go around . . . They didn't know who they was voting for. Voting for who they told to vote for.
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