T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History
Treasures buried on Old Spanish Trail?
George Braxton by Stephanie Dragoon, 2015.
GEORGE BRAXTON: What do I remember about it.

STEPHANIE DRAGOON: About Old Spanish Trail.

BRAXTON: I do know that as a kid growing up, you know, we heard a lot of stories about the gold being found along the Old Spanish Trail. That’s a very prevalent thing in this area. John . . . Jean Lafitte was the pirate that was in this area that the Contraband Days [Louisiana Pirate Festival that takes place in Lake Charles] is named after. So there are lots and lots of stories about gold. In fact, to the extent that when I was a very young kid, I don’t recall it personally, but I was told about . . . My father got up early one morning before day to go to work and he heard noise outside. It was a lady that was a schoolteacher was outside digging up the yard because she somehow had determined that there was treasures buried at a certain point. He caught her out here digging the yard up, trying to find the treasure. Those stories are very prevalent along the Old Spanish Trail, and some areas off . . . other streets that parallel that area. My high school was on the Old Spanish Trail. The swimming pool was on the Old Spanish Trail. Essentially all the things that were special to the area: a little burger stand, grocery store, church, all along the Old Spanish Trail on that street. We played in that street, I mean, quite a bit. It wasn’t a major highway, so we played alongside the road, rode our bicycles along the side. It was a path to go anywhere that we were going in our area was just following the Old Spanish Trail.
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