T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History
Migrating to Mossville for work
John Bernard by Doug Mungin, 2015.
DOUGLAS MUNGIN: So a lot of the people that we’ve been interviewing were born in Mossville. You’re kind of one of the few folks that . . .

JOHN BERNARD: I migrate over here.

MUNGIN: Yeah. Who has actually migrated here [laughing] and has been here longer than they’ve been.

BERNARD: Yeah. [laughing]

MUNGIN: So could you talk a little bit about how . . . how you viewed this community when you first got here, compared to, like, you know, being a person who’s been in the community for a long time?

BERNARD: Well, I come through here, [like I said?] good job and work at the plant. And at that time [?] wasn’t playing that much, but I see there was a steady job, so . . . And I’ve been working then until I retired and keep on going, yeah. When I first went there, I wasn’t making but $1.75 an hour. And when I left there I was making $24 . . . $27 dollars an hour. I was getting top pay, more than some of them guys were working operation, I had the seniority. So they come along and made an offer and all those that had enough time to retire, go ahead on and retire. I was only fifty-five years old when I retired. But I had enough time to retire. I said well, I might as well go. Yeah. So far, I’ve stayed here. [laughs]
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