T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History
The perserverence of Mossvillians
Daren Dotson Sr. by Douglas Mungin, 2015.
DOUGLAS MUNGIN: So what’s the most important thing you want people to remember about Mossville?

DAREN DOTSON SR: It’s funny. They talk about a lot of . . . How the plants made people sick and all that, but these people persevered through all that and they still here. It was a nice place at the time. It was a lot of good memories for me. But as time change, people change, things change. So I’m glad y’all doing this so y’all can have some kind of history and remember. Because when the town goes and the people get old, any memory or record of us will be gone, so . . .

MUNGIN: Yeah. You’re the first one that we’ve interviewed that actually has mentioned how people started to get sick. Is that just something that folks just don’t talk about anymore?

DOTSON: Well it’s a known fact around here that people of Mossville been fighting . . . fighting about these plants for years, and years, and years. They bought up the houses to the railroad tracks right here to the start of Mossville. And it’s funny a lot of people was upset because they like, “Well if this place was here, why . . .” I’m pretty sure water travel made . . . got in they water. It should have passed on, but it’s . . . People got they own reasons behind why they did what they did. Like I say, it’s a known fact a lot of people around here died of cancer. A lot of people got sick. But . . . and that these people in this area been fighting with the government and these plants for as long as I can remember about that. I am not a scientist. I don’t know, but what goes on speaks for itself. If you got a lot of people in one area getting sick then there’s something wrong. A lot of people around here can’t afford to . . . Couldn’t afford to leave. So what Sasol did helped some of the people out, but in general you have to talk to mainly the older generation about that.
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