T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History
A segregated burger joint near Mossville
George Braxton by Stephanie Dragoon, 2016.
GEORGE BRAXTON: There was one café that was on Highway 90 that we would go to every once in a while and buy hamburgers. It was basically kind of right next to the Mossville community, this place. It wasn’t in Mossville, but it was right on . . . kind of on the line where it was located at, and buy hamburgers, cheeseburgers. This was basically a white establishment, so we used to go to the back. We had to go to the back and there was a back room that was . . . The décor was quite different from the front of the place. I recall that I used to sit in there and they had a swinging door that went from where we were at to the front. The front was well-lit with red and white checkered tablecloths, and it was windows so it was very, very bright. The room we were in had no windows and it had a screen door and no air conditioning. There was air conditioning in the front. It had one ceiling fan and a light hanging by a wire from the ceiling. And it had one or two tables in there that was just mismatched pieces like they was left over from somewhere. But the hamburgers were great. I mean, there was no better. I think about the hamburgers to this day.

But I recall that when the people would go back and forth between the swinging door that separated the front of the place from the back of . . . the white side from the black side, that you would feel that rush of cool air conditioned air would roll through the room. I used to . . . I never did give it much thought then about what it was like to be eating on the other side, but I was very aware that there was a big difference in the two sides.
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