T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History
Selling pecans
Jimmie Lee Williams Riggs by Chelsea Arseneault, 2016.
JIMMIE LEE WILLIAMS RIGGS: We had pecan trees. That was our job, to peel pecans. [laughs]

CHELSEA ARSENEAULT: They were in the yard?

RIGGS: They were in the yard. You couldn't say [laughs] you didn’t have any because you could go get them.

They had a lot of pecan trees out there. There was a lot. I guess my grandfather had planted them. We had a lot of pecan trees. My brothers . . . We used to get the pecans young and we would sell them. We'd go out and get the pecans and we'd sit on the side of the road and people stop and buy them.

ARSENEAULT: How much would they fetch usually?

RIGGS: [laughs] Probably not too much. I don't even remember. Probably less than a dollar in a little . . . And lot of them was in a little can. A little thing that we would . . . They would measure them out in. They would sell them. We'd sell pecans. And looked like it was a lot, but I know it wasn't a lot when we would sell pecans.

ARSENEAULT: Bet you thought you were rich.

RIGGS: [laughs] We would go to Uncle Ira's store and spend it right away.

ARSENEAULT: Buy some candy or something.

RIGGS: Selling pecans. You know, I think of Mossville and I think . . . I can't think that I was in the country. People say I was raised in the country. I know I was raised in the country, but to me it wasn't raised . . . I wasn't raised where there was truck farms and there was cotton, and there was farming. To me that's the country. [laughs] i guess I thought of us as a little town. I don't know what other people think, but I never thought of that as . . . I called the country if you lived down a dirt road and its two or three houses there. That would be the country to me. But let’s see, in Mossville we were on the main road and it was houses all along. So that's how I saw it.
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